Top 10 Operating Systems which are little known

Operating system is an interface between your computer and yourself. It is having great significance since a user will not be able to access the computer without it. Users will not be able to play any utilities program without an operating system.
Operating system is called as systems software. The operating systems make an interface between user and the hardware.
Windows is probably the most famous operating systems in terms of usage with due respect to Bill Gates for making it famous.  Other operating systems like Unix, Linux, Mac OS are also used by the technical and other users in general. But apart from talked about operating systems, there are many others which many users are not familiar with. The article lets you know about the top 10 operating systems which are not known to the world .

10. Darwin

Don’t confuse the word with the great Charles Darwin. Darwin OS belongs to the category of open source software. It is an operating system which is an open source OS and it belongs to the Unix family of operating systems. Darwin has been developed using C/C++. The Darwin operating system is basically an effort by combining BSD, Mac OS,NEXTSTEP and other open source projects. The famous AppleTV, OSX and iOS are all based on Darwin operating system.  Darwin has been successfully used in creation of a 32 –bit ARM processor. These processors have been used in iPad and iPhone .


9. FreeBSD

It is also an operating system which comes from the group of Unix OS. It is an open source operating system. It is developed using C/C++. It is widely used among technical and scientific community. Many research labs, universities, industries alike use Free BSD operating system.

8. ReactOS

One more similar looking windows operating system is the ReactOS operating system. It has been developed using C/C++ . The drivers of the operating are easy to use and configure. It works very well with the application software installed on the system. It is very similar looking to Windows 95 operating system.

7. Solaris

Solaris has been developed using C programming language and is an operating system which is also open source project. It was first created by Sub Microsystems the developers of Java. Recently Oracle Corporation has taken over Sun Microsystems, there Solaris is now baby of the Oracle stable. The operating system has amazing features like Time Slider, ZFS and DTrace. It is scalable and can be installed on various hardware devices.


6. OpenBSD

One more operating system similar to Unix OS is Open BSD . This operating system has been a part of Berkeley Software Distribution. The features and documentation of the operating system is quite amazing. Open BSD’s features include policies towards security etc.


5. AmigaOS

Amiga Personal Computers have developed and operating system called Amiga OS. The AmigaOS was launched in 1985 in the market and consisted of game console.  The Amiga OS is also open source operating system and updates are released time and again.



As I mentioned above about the NEXTSTEP OS being used in other Operating systems well the best part about NEXTSTEP is that it is an Object Oriented and multitasking operating system. This operating system is very much amazing because of the owner of Apple inc. that is one other than Steve Jobs ho started it in 1986 as he left Apple and started next.

NEXTSTEP operating system is a multitasking operating system; this feature is similar to many other operating systems. It is also an object oriented OS. The features of the operating system are fabulous. Steve Jobs of Apple Inc. left Apple in 1986 and the OS was then developed . The features are similar to Unix OS.


3. ATheOS

AtheOS is also an open source operating system. It can be installed on hardware’s like AMD, Intel and other chips. AtheOS is an efficient operating system and also supports multitasking.

2. SkyOS

SkyOS is similar to Windows OS baring many features. It was developed after a concentrated effort of more than 10 years by Robert Szeleney. This operating system has a graphical interface similar to that of windows .


1. Slax

Slax is operating systems which is similar to Linux OS and it was developed by Tomas Matejicek. The operating system is also called as “Pocket Operating System”. Many  packages related to it are available online where one can easily build an ISO image and users can easily customize it according to ones need and requirements.


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